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Join our exclusive rolling fund
Server Partners is proud to present an exclusive rolling fund opportunity tailored for our esteemed friends and partners
As a discerning investor, you can now enjoy enhanced control and transparency through our specialized rolling fund structure.
Invest With Flexibility
By joining our rolling fund, you gain the freedom to invest on a quarterly basis. Whether you choose to invest for a few quarters or for an extended period, you have the flexibility to enter or exit the fund at any time.

Additionally, each quarter, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing the specific companies in which your funds were invested during that period.
Accessible Entry Point
Our rolling fund invites investors to participate with a minimum investment of just $30,000 per quarter.

This offering sets us apart from traditional venture capital funds, where financial contributions typically require a significantly higher initial commitment.
Active Involvement
As a valued participant in our fund, you have the opportunity to suggest startups for potential investment.

Should the fund decide to invest in a startup recommended by you and that venture achieves success, you will be eligible for an additional percentage from the carried interest.
At Server Partners, we guarantee
All investments made in both existing and new companies will be shared among the participants of our rolling fund, ensuring an equitable distribution of opportunities and returns.