Server Partners is a private family office with different asset classes, mainly in the Tech industry
But that's a pretty dull explanation, we might say.

Behind these intriguing words is a small Verbitski's family originally from Estonia, but living in United States.

We started like many other families - from the desire to get financial independence and provide for our loved ones until we began to think about meaning of life and our place in this world.
Sergei Verbitski
Sergei Turkov
For the last 18 years, we have created or were a part of over 24 businesses
We went down the same road many times, from developing the idea to implementation to the result. We owned restaurant, organized nightclubs events, managed a popular online radio station, and even hosted one of the biggest quest games in Europe in an old Soviet Union prison.

Later we moved to the digital space where we were a part of a big iGaming company, then created an advertising platform and supported one of the most extensive trading tools in the world of crypto.
What we do
We built projects with a valuation of up to hundreds of millions, with teams of over
150 employees  
Complex technical setups  
Hyper-growth products with over 400k users
Nowadays, we are supporting Space technologies, metaverse, social projects, and other trends of the future.
Our values
For the last four years, we began to invest and drive our purpose
As fellow founders ourselves, we support the ideas and the people behind these ideas. This is our core value. We view investment not only as means of financial support but also to allocate different resourses, from time and money to knowledge and networking.
We have expertise in growth marketing, strategy, and people, and that is where we can be the most helpful
We also believe that people are different, and an approach should be personal. Usually, founders are lonely in a way - many of their employees, investors, and friends don't take on the same responsibilities, so there is nowhere to go with their issues or even dreams.

We are here to help in an amicable, local, and comfortable manner. But don't just take our word for it. We have a system in place, which you can see if you explore our blog page.