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Server Partners invested into Destinus company which is revolutionizing global logistics

What if it is TIME for some special things to happen, like creating a first-of-its-kind rocket airplane that travels to near-space heights at 15 times the speed of sound with zero operational emissions and may deliver goods within 2hr from any part of the world to another. Sounds impossible?

DESTINUS - company headquartered in Switzerland which is working to make the aforementioned promising statement possible by building hypersonic aircraft for autonomous cargo delivery around the world.

It is an ambitious project with difficult technology and plenty of challenges, however Mikhail Kokorich the founder of the company is a highly experienced professional in space industry, who has achieved a great success in building companies like: Momentus, ExactFarming, Astro Digital, Dauria Aerospace etc.

Mentioned technology is totally changing global logistics and creating possibility for quickest delivery of any goods including emergency cargo like: parts for sensitive production cycles, or valuable perishable goods such as isotopes with a short half-life for cancer treatment, or human organs.

With such investment Server Partners glad to assist Destinus team with their revolutionary vision and technology to change the methods and speed of goods delivery.

For more information, please follow the link below: