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Server Partners became a lead investor in Estonian Fintech startup Raison.

Raison app is a marketplace of investment deals available from $1. Anyone can buy shares of companies like SpaceX, Klarna, and dozens of others through this platform.

Server Partners is thrilled to announce that we closed the whole round in a company that democratizes such investments for a retail market.

As you probably know, all significant deals are happening under the scene. An ordinary person can't get into companies like SpaceX, for example. Heavy venture funds with billions of dollars under management take it all. But here comes a new asset class - a Secondary market! Today it is a trend, and it has over $3 trillion in cash. And that is one of the ways you can jump into the best-growing companies that are not yet on the public market. We thoroughly recommend anyone to take a look at this opportunity!

But why Raison?

First of all, the founders behind this product are experienced people. Not only because they have access to the deals, but mostly because they know how to organize a legal structure. Raison has a license in Estonia and the US. It is easy to use the product itself, but most importantly, it is essential to know that your money is secured and deals are safe. Second, Raison uses blockchain technology that helps to tokenize all assets, which gives an option for future liquidity. It means that you will no longer wait sitting on a paper profit - you can find a buyer for your shares directly on the platform, anytime (this function is still in production)!

Already over 17,000 people are using the platform, and next year should bring lots of news: the number of deals will grow, and there are lots of new features coming from a technical perspective.

Please read the whole press release here.