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Our new initiative -

Today we are glad to announce the opening of our very new project, on which we spent seven last months and will spend many years ahead. Please welcome -

Speaking about this project, we are still in the process of finding the right words. But today, we say that Wois is an international media platform for experts and bright-minded people who openly share their opinions, thoughts, and stories. By doing that, they are impacting listeners who can develop themselves and also support non-profit projects, science experiments, and charity events to whom we transfer most of the revenue streams from Wois company.

We are just beginning our journey, but from the start, we are glad to tell you that more than 120 people have already become speakers on Wois. You can find Olympic champions, founders of unicorn companies, top venture investors, scientists, space engineers, famous stand-up artists, and many others. All of them are special! And all of them have something to say.

Our team plans to invite 100+ top speakers every month and allow them to start their topics on anything they are interested in. We all know that there are many opinions on every question we have. And our goal is to show these opinions from those who already know the answers. And answers might be different, so please find YOUR answers.

We came to this idea when we learned how to build businesses. We found out that every successful person is doing it differently (with some patterns). For some, it is crucial to control everything; others are building systems where all people are replaceable; a third are building cultures in the companies. There are plenty of answers, and all of them are correct. The problem is usually understanding what answers belong to you - how you should build a business. And the same happens in sports, science, investments, and all other industries where people are involved. Opinions can be diversified by culture, sex, location, mentality and even psycho types.

Think about Wois as a community of great people who have achieved tremendous results. And these people are willing to share their knowledge with you, sometimes even personally.

P.S. For now, Wois is still in the beta stage and is only available on iOS. Android native app is coming within a month.